We have some very sad news… one of Tucker’s long time friends (girlfriend too), Jessica, passed away on Thursday. She lost the battle with bone cancer… but she had put up a pretty good fight. She was tough… and according to her parents… she never complained!

img_2847This was very hard for us all! Jessica was the sweetest Rottweiler we had ever met! She and Tucker had been friends for 8 years. They shared many walks together out on the trails.

We took Tucker over to see Jessica a couple of weeks ago… and we are so glad that they got to see each other one last time.

My heart goes out to Jessica’s parents, (and our very dear friends), Matt & Patti. They had had a very special relationship with Jessica… as Jim & I have had with Tucker over the years. Jessica was their child.. as Tucker (and now Bodi too) is ours.

I feel their pain… as it hits so close to home. I can honestly say… I cried so much Friday night, after receiving the news from Patti & Matt. And thought about Jess this whole weekend.. and felt an emptiness in my heart.

We loved Jessica and she will always be in our hearts! She touched us all in her own, very special way. She was beautiful, sweet, kind, loving as well as strong and protective of her family and friends. We shall miss you Jess!!

Patti & Matt… we love you guys and we are here for you!


Jim, Nancy, Tucker & Bodi


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