Bodi and the Bling!

Bodi and the Bling!

Bodi, short for Boldizsar, is a Hungarian name meaning “God Bless the King”, and is the newest member of our family, and a very welcome member he has become.

Nancy and I were thinking of getting a new puppy in the summer of ’09 so that Tucker could spend at least a few of years with a new Vizsla so that (hopefully) some of Tuckers great Temperament and good training, manners would rub off.  We have been so blessed with Tucker that we wanted to make sure that some of that continued on for a long time. We also felt that it would be good for Tucker to have a younger dog to play with and to keep him from becoming as lazy as we humans will invariably make our pets, even if we try not to.

When speaking to our good friend Harley (who was Tucker’s brother Rowdy’s owner) Nancy mentioned our plans of the puppy and Harley mentioned that Tiara (Tucker’s breeder) had a friend that was in need of someone to adopt her Vizsla. Bodi, her Vizsla, was originally brought into her family as a puppy, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Bodi was now normally left outside for most of the day and then fed and put to bed in his crate. The family still had a ton of love for Bodi, but didn’t have the time to spend with an energetically demanding dog such as the Vizsla. Due to the limited exercise, Bodi was about 15 lbs. overweight and had picked up a few not so good habits.

When Nancy and I heard of Bodi, we knew that this was fate and we decided right away to go and see him and see if this would work out for our family.

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