Our Sweet Little Tucker

Tucker is the first dog that Nancy and I got together, we had 4 cats when we got Tucker, but that, besides being another story, is completely different from the commitment, and joy of having a Vizsla, and especially in having a great Vizsla like Tucker.

At the time that we decided to get a dog I went online and did a lot of research into the kind of dog that we wanted.

Our desire was for a dog that was sporty, active, preferably with short hair, and that would become a part of our family, not just a pet that wanted to be left alone – and we definitely didn’t want a phoo-phoo dog or an ankle biter (toy dog). We narrowed our search down to the following five breeds:

  • Vizsla
  • Weimaraner
  • German Short Haired Pointer
  • English Setter (even with the long hair we included this choice)
  • Boxer
Who is that good looking puppy?!!

Who’s that good looking puppy?!!

After much searching, looking up the breeds, and dog owner site churning we decided on the Vizsla, it was the only one of the breeds that even with the small amount of mischief that they cause, the dogs were a part of the family – the pictures on the sites were of the owners out 4 wheeling and sitting on the hood of their truck with their arm around a Vizsla’s neck, out snow skiing and sitting in the snow with a Vizsla draped all over them, out after a long day hunting. laying on the sofa with their Vizsla crashed out in their lap – this is the dog we wanted, a dog that was as big a part of the family as any other member, and a dog that knew it.

We got lucky in that we found a breeder (Rawhide Vizsla) that was not only close to our location, they had a new litter of puppies that were only 3 weeks old and the bloodline was impeccable, with Tucker’s grandfather (Ritz) being the number 1 Vizsla dog in the country for 2 years in a row.

Our first visit to the breeder (Scott & Tiara) turned into a 3 hour affair that had has interviewed as thoroughly as we were checking out the puppies and their relatives. Ritz was the final decision maker as he didn’t trust everyone, but he fell in love with us, as we did in him and Tucker’s mother (Vixen) climbed into our laps to love us even though her puppies were very near and she had no idea who we were. Being as this was our first true look at the Vizsla dogs and what kind of dogs they were in person, we couldn’t have picked a better breeder, nor a better initiation into the “V” family of dogs and their incredible love for people and fine temperaments.

We first got a look at the puppies when they were 3 weeks old, and couldn’t believe how cute they were, just little wrinkled kidney beans that spend 80% of their day sleeping and the 20% eating and pooping. We came back to see the puppies every weekend after that and Tucker picked us out a couple of weeks later by being the main one who kept coming back to focus on us even when the other puppies were trying to play with him. We took him home when he was 8 weeks old and started down a journey with the Vizsla dog that we have never regretted or questioned for a second, and a journey which we will never step off of as we intend to always have a “V” in our lives.

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