Walking in the CreekIt’s been quite a while since we last posted, taking some time to get outside and breath again, sometimes it is vital to survival to step back and see what is really happening in your life and how to better it!

This post is about Jim, Bodi and Oli getting out and spending some time just running, wearing themselves out and using their natural talents to pick up smells, enjoy the outdoors and see what Colorado looks like before we regroup and take on our new challenges.

Galloping through the meadowAs we were looking for a good spot to pull off, Bodi and Oli’s excitement levels were going through the roof. Pulling off and opening the door was just the start – Letting them off to just explore to their hearts content, that is the very best!

It’s funny how quickly the Vizsla comes out as they are off running, dropping down into the creek, hopping through the deep brush (you just see heads popping up as they get a look at the scenery) and just basically getting worn out while picking up all the smells of the countryside.

This is Vizsla country!

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  1. This is so beauful Jimbo! The boys look right at home 🙂 Love your post and the pics…. miss you all so much 🙂 Kiss the boys for me please?
    Love you! Me

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