It’s been quite a while since we last posted, taking some time to get outside and […]
A big thanks to all for the information and kind words. This is from our good […]
The joys of having two males that you have rescued from different homes and different situations […]
Just had to share these pics… Bodi and Oli… lovin’ the sunbeam!  These guys really do […]
Just a quick post about the Bodester, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve […]
Tucker enjoyed every moment that he was allowed to spend with us, and we took advantage […]
These pictures were the final set of pictures that we took of Tucker with Bodi, as […]
Bodi has been thrown for another loop, started a new family 6 months ago, now having […]
With a heavy heart and deep sorrow we have to say that we have lost our […]
Tuckie enjoyed his birthday celebration! He got to open gifts (I know… he’s very spoiled)! Bodi […]