It’s been quite a while since we last posted, taking some time to get outside and […]
The boys both got hit by the Sunbeam Monster!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. this monster is nasty!  He feeds […]
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As the days go by, Bodi and Oliver have become friends… I won’t say great friends, […]
What Vizsla… (or any dog for that matter) does NOT like the warm laundry straight out […]
  So let’s talk turkey… Okay mom & dad… We want turkey!  We want turkey!  We […]
Just wanted to put up a quick post and show you how spoiled (and lazy) our […]
What is it about the Bully Stick that just sends these boys into complete rapture – […]
A big thanks to all for the information and kind words. This is from our good […]
The joys of having two males that you have rescued from different homes and different situations […]