As the days go by, Bodi and Oliver have become friends… I won’t say great friends, Bodi always has a little bit of animosity towards Oliver – just that little edge, but all-in-all it’s much better.

The two have taken to “owning” the sofa as they collect the last rays of sunlight in the late afternoon.  As you can see, Oliver thinks he is a cat, and just walks all over the top of the sofa.  Bodi thinks he is human, and owns the seat in it’s entirety.

Last night, as they both got into bed, Bodi did his usual – jumping into the bed and laying down at my pillow.  This is his normal “get into bed” routine.  Bodi lays with his head on my pillow and tries not to move so that Oliver can’t steal his spot.  He moves over to the center of the bed when I get into bed.

Oliver, as his normal is, leapt into bed and headed towards the pillows, then veered over and lay down with his butt on top of Bodi. Six months ago this would have caused an explosion from Bodi, now Bodi accepts his fate, and closes his eyes to sleep.  We’ve even caught Bodi getting up at times to move closer to Oli, it’s nice to see.

The only time Bodi does not follow this routine is if he feels he might get under the blanket and sleep for a while.  This, he learned from Oliver – When we first got Bodi he would never try to get under the blankets, Tucker always dove for the blankets and would actually push the blankets off of us in the middle of the night as he tried to push his nose under them.  Bodi tried not to get covered up – he was so out of shape that 2-3 minutes under the blankets and he would be panting like he had run a marathon.  Now, he will slide under the blankets to lie next to us on the sofa, and will sleep most of the night with a blanket over him if the night is cold enough.

So, even though we can’t say that all is perfect… we can say that all is on track for a much more perfect finish.

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  1. We adopted Delilah when Rocket was about 1.5 years old. He never greeted us at the door with a toy but because Delilah does so does Rocket. He never used to want to be covered up but because Delilah does so does he! Delilah would never go between your legs …. but because Rocket does and get bumm scratches well, now Delilah stand there between your legs and paw at your heels to scratch her bum.

    It’s just too cute the odd behaviors our two have learned from each other.

    We were SO blessed that the two of them never fought or exploded at each other or were over aggressive at trying to out do the other for our attention.

    It’s now 4 years later since we adopted Delilah and I don’t think either of them (or us) could imagine life without her.

    • I am so glad that things are well with Rocket and Delilah.
      Nancy and I always comment on how much Bodi has picked up from Oliver – considering how jealous Bodi can be at times.
      I think that Bodi does love having Oliver around – just sometimes he lets his inner demons come out – luckily the explosions between the two of them have pretty much dies off, now we just have to watch for Bodi’s hair starting to raise and we step in and stop things.
      But it is great to see how they pick up on traits from each other… and how easy it is to pick out and laugh at.

  2. thanks for your sharing , look at bodi is sleeping on the sofa, he is very cute , yes it is one of most happiest time for them to pick up on traits from each other

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