Oliver is the energizer bunny of Vizsla’s – always ready to run, always ready to hunt – no fear, dives into everything head first and never worries about the outcome.  Of course, many of you will say – that is the standard Vizsla style (and for the most part, the majority of sporting dogs),  and you would be completely right in that.

Unfortunately this has caused him (and us) some problems in that his eyes are particularly vulnerable to  being injured, the bushes, sticks, rocks and our legs don’t seem to give to much when he hits them with his face, and the most tender spot are his eyes.

After too many visits to the vet to have him looked at, and too many times having to put a cone on his head to try to protect him while he is healing – we decided to get a pair of Doggles.

As you can see, he looks great with them – he doesn’t seem to think so, and tries to rub them off of his face whenever he gets a moment to think about the fact that they are there, but I think they look great (and everyone else seems to comment about them – positively so far).

They seem to add some protection, at least they spread the hit over a broader area, which is good.  You can tighten them to fit, and the chin strap holds it in place.  From what we can see, the comfort is pretty good – but we aren’t wearing them either, so…

The biggest problem is just that we need to be more proactive and make sure that he wears them, then he will have a chance to get used to them and hopefully won’t try to slip them off of his face.

More info to be shared in this review as we use them…

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