Just wanted to share this… Bodi and Oliver enjoying one of their favorite toys…. a stick from the backyard is one of the best (and cheapest) toys ever!

Bodi… stick boy No. one!

Ollie… stick boy No. 2!

Bodi enjoying his stick toy!

Ollie enjoy his stick toy!

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  1. THanks for sharing ,You taking them out on a schedule works best, especially for my lab that never really got the hang of letting me know when she needs to go out
    Well it’s a team work for sure; dog needs to trust the owner that they will be let out side for their business on certain time and this also need to be done on regular bases to make it work
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    • Hi Dennis… thanks for writing us!! Yep… this is so true! Our Tucker used to love to chew on the empty roll of toilet paper… now Oliver is carrying out that same tradition!

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