"All we really want is the turkey"


So let’s talk turkey… Okay mom & dad… We want turkey!  We want turkey!  We want turkey!  That’s what Thanksgiving is all about for us.   It’s all about the bird.  That big, juicy, yummy bird that mommy spends HOURS preparing for us every year (a BIG KUDOS to mommy for doing this JUST for us!)  Wow… she is making that bird just for us and no body else gets ANY!  That’s right!  When that bird comes out of the oven.. we are going to be on that thing like a buzzard on a gut wagon………… huh?  Well… we’re not even sure what that means.. but if it has anything to do with MEAT.. we’re on it!!



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  1. Just came to say hi. My mom doesn’t blog about me all the time (I don’t know why- I’m the most interesting thing around here), but sometimes she does, and she does like Vizslas. Maggie the Vizsla.

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