Wow, my first post of 2013… Time flies by, luckily big things happening, hopefully more time to post to The Good Dog Blog.

Because a lot of my work is based in an office I take Bodi whenever I get the chance to take one of the boys.  Being older, he is quite a bit more calm, he just doesn’t let things get him excited at work.  This makes things easy when I am working, but I always feel a little guilty about the fact that Oliver doesn’t get those… Daddy and I… days.  Usually when Oliver and I go for a walk, or actually anywhere, it is with Bodi to get them both out.

Today I decided to take Oliver for a bonding day, spend some time, go for a walk, and spend a few hours just doing our thing.

Is it just me, or what, but is there anything more beautiful then a Vizsla full of excitement, let off leash to just run and romp.  These are the moments where all four paws rarely are on the grass at the same time – spinning and jumping.

Oliver did great, stayed within calling distance, came when called and always kept his head clear so when I called he was ready to respond – fun stuff, and absolutely a joy to watch and be a part of.

Afterwards, we swung over to a new Restaurant/Coffee/Wine place called the Stonehaus. The place is very dog friendly, which Oliver really appreciated, set up as a working Winery with outside benches, Stone Pizza Oven and Fountains, which Oliver and I both appreciated. The people here are fairly mellow, and very nice – dogs don’t bother other people, really a nice layout to relax a little.

Oliver also got to enjoy the Fountain in the Vineyard without upsetting anyone – he was fascinated by the water and I thought for a second he was going to dive in and cool off – he didn’t, although it wouldn’t have bothered me (don’t know about the Stonehaus).

Really a great day out – Oliver had fun, we got to bond, and we got to enjoy a great local hangout that we will definitely enjoy more often.

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  1. hello oliver its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like sum fun!!! wenever i went owt to dadas offiss it wuz sooper boring and we did not go ennyware fun!!! ok bye

    • Usually on office days I sit in a chair all day long and sleep, except when I get to have somebodies food when they are too full to eat it all.
      But this day was just a daddy and I day – no work, no Bodi – just me and him having a day of “bonding” – lots of fun – but no work got done…

  2. hello evrybuddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for yore kind wurds and thawts dooring tuckers ilness it has ben a diffikult sevral days for us heer but we wer hartend to hav the support of so menny of tuckers frends as he krossd the rainbo bridj!!! i am shoor he and yore tucker hav alreddy met up and are ekschanyndjing tucker relayted storeez!!! ok bye

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