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In Loving Memory… Streak and Jill… God Rest Your Sweet Souls…

To all of our doggie friends out there, we just wanted to let you know that our dear friends have lost their puppies this past week.  Our friends Patti & Matt have lost their 12 year old Rottweiler, Jill.  Patti & Matt had adopted Jill… just 9 short months ago.  Jill needed a good, warm, […]

Bodi The Boys Tucker

Time Heals…

I laugh sometimes at the emotions that we feel from losing a dog, how we can be so torn up, how we can be hurt even more from the loss of Tucker then we are in the loss of a family member.  But I know that dog people understand the loss, the love of a […]

Friends Pet Memorials

Tribute to a Best Friend…

Sunlight streams through window pane unto a spot on the floor… then I remember, it’s where you used to lie, but now you are no more. Our feet walk down a hall of carpet, and muteed echoes sound…. then I remember, it’s where your paws would joyously abound. A voice is heard along the road, […]

Friends Tucker

Remembering Jessica…

We have some very sad news… one of Tucker’s long time friends (girlfriend too), Jessica, passed away on Thursday. She lost the battle with bone cancer… but she had put up a pretty good fight. She was tough… and according to her parents… she never complained! This was very hard for us all! Jessica was […]