Tucker and Bodi have some really cool, doggie friends! We like to take them to the park to play with their buddies. Tucker… is the social one! He LOVES to see everybody… dogs and people. He loves his friends… and it brings us so much joy to see how happy he is when he gets to see his buddies.

Bodi on the other hand… likes to see the other dogs.. but he is more interested in hunting. Although, if he gets the opportunity, he does enjoy running and playing with the other dogs (which is really good for him to burn off that energy). Sometimes he plays a little rough (we’re working on this). He barks when he’s running with the other dogs and it just sounds obnoxious (and he does this even when he is playing by himself in the backyard).. he’s a duffus!  One time we were at the park, and Bodi was running and barking (by himself), and their friend Boomer (who is a beautiful, Golden Retriever) ran alongside him and let out a few big barks… as if he were telling Bodi to, “Shut Up Already”! And he did shut up! It was really funny… and kind of cool!

Love ya Bodi! You are a good boy… really! Just a duffus at times…

sterlingngracieHere is a pic of Sterling (on the right) and Gracie (on the left). Two beautiful, sweet Weimaraners, who are very lucky to have such great parents! As you can see from the pic, they are very spoiled! And also very loved.

Tuck loves these guys! Especially Gracie (sorry Sterling)! Gracie girl loves to give kisses to Tuck. And even though he “acts” like he doesn’t want her to do it… we know the truth.. He loves it!

So.. for the most part, all of the dogs at the park do get along, and it’s been really good for Tuck & Bodi to socialize with these guys. Bodi, especially! We are thankful for all of our doggie friends! Hope to hear from them all on this post!

We have a lot of Tucker’s and Bodi’s friends to talk about.. next post!   And we would like to welcome them all to join,   TheGoodDogBlog!

Have a great day guys! Take care!


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