Just wanted to do a short post… found some pictures from Thanksgiving 2008.  Here we have Tucker… trying to see what’s on my plate.

"Hi mommy... I noticed that you are sitting here alone... with your plate of food. I think I'll join you."

Tucker LOVED food!  Almost as much as he loved us 🙂

"Just what do you have on your plate? And... is it something that I might be interested in?"

Here I am, sitting on the stairs, eating some apple pie… and along comes Tucker!  “Gee mom… looks like you’ve got enough on your plate… for both of us!  Would you care to share with me?  I’ve been a very good boy and probably deserve a little treat”.

"Mommy... you are the best"!!!!!

“Okay Tuck… just one little bite of apple pie for you… but it will cost you.   How about a little kiss for mom?”!!!

Love and miss my little guy!!


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  1. LOL!!  I love it!!!!  Your Tucker sounds precious!  What about Dennis?  Would he snag the pie?  Or would he give you the poor puppy dog look… like, “I’m starving… my family doesn’t feed me… don’t you feel sorry for me?”!!!!!

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