Tucker, in his day, had a thing about Nancy’s underwear, loved to grab it and walk around the house with it.  He wouldn’t ever really hurt it, wouldn’t chew it, but loved to pick it up and carry it around with him.

Always fun to explain why there is a bra in the living room, or panties in the kitchen, never dull, but always interesting.

We would play with him after he started to show his little “fetish”, we would hook the bra over his head with the cups looking like ear-muffs – all in fun, but I’m sure Tucker was thinking… What the hell, I bring this in here just to lay with it, and they try to embarrass me.

Of course, Bodi picked up the same little fetish, carrying Nancy’s underwear out to the window-seat, just to lay on it and go to sleep. But Bodi will pick up shoes, socks, he’ll walk right by you and grab something out of the hamper and go lay down on top of it, you can’t get mad – all you can do is laugh at him and try to teach him not to do it.

I’m sure other puppies have the same quirks, and other people have to figure out how to explain things to their friends and family members.  Our little companions love to embarrass us in these ways – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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  1. You have no idea how hard I am laughing!

    Delilah has a sock fetish and it’s not unusual to find your good socks laying out in the back yard {she takes them out via the doggie door during the day}. Rocket has a bra fetish and after seeing Delilah take the socks outside one day Rocket decided to take one of my bras outside. We live on the Clinton River.

    One day I came home and went to the backyard with the dogs and was relaxing in a lawn chair by the river when the double decker dinner cruiser came by. People on that boat always smooch at the dogs but this day they were really laughing and pointing and I thought they were just extra drunk. I got up and went to the seawall to retrieve a ball that Delilah had dropped over into the river……and I was gobsmacked when I saw my black lace brazier hanging off the docking cleat! ………. there must have been 150 people on that boat …………

  2. Love it! I laughed too! Laila loves to “borrow” all sorts of clothing. Socks, underwear, t-shirts, towels… Always fun to explain to visitors why various pieces of clothing are sitting on the couch or under the kitchen table.

    Renee (Laila’s mom)

  3. Thanks for sharing Melissa!  I am just now getting around to updating the blog… sorry for the delay!

    I love your story here… it cracked me up!!!!

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