Many years ago Nancy , Tucker, and I were invited to our good friend Rick Hustead’s, where as a professional photographer Rick set us up in the studio and we started taking some pictures.

Recently I pulled the CD out and took a look at the pictures again – it brings equal doses of laughter and tears as I think of the times we spent at Rick’s with Tucker, the way he loved to run through the studio to say hi to everyone – the way he’d go up to greet the models, even when they were in a state of undress, and most surprised by a typical Vizsla “cold nose” greeting. When there were children getting shots in the studio, they would play with Tucker and he would always put up with their playing, at least for a little while.

These shots are just a small sample and feature Nancy and Tucker in a more personal setting.

Tucker obviously enjoying the modeling, is putting up with a little hi-fiving, sure that a treat will be offered for him doing his neat little trick.

After doing his trick, Tucker decides that a treat must be near and pushing his cold wet nose in to find the treat that is obviously being held back, Nancy feeling the heat, keeps the treat hidden and tries to get some more poses out of Tuck.

As Tucker gets more insistent, Nancy decides that keeping the treat out of reach would be the best move, seeing the treat being held high so as to keep it away from him, Tucker starts to re-think his decision to be a model, there seems to be a lot of tricks, with very little chance of treats, and then he hears the human models talking about starving themselves to keep a tight body… hearing how models eat, and what they eat, Tucker is worried…

And then, after hearing that to be a model, he must keep a svelte figure, he must eat very little, he must purge whenever he eats too much, he decides that he must get the treat right away… and finally getting the treat – Tucker quickly finds out that it is a veggie treat, and definitely not to his liking…

Clearly, Tucker has made a mistake… starving himself, eating veggies all the time, sticking his paw down his throat, he has made a mistake, he was thinking of something else all together… yes, he knows what he really wants to be… a food taster!, that is what he wants to be, a FOOD TASTER must be the best job of all.

These have turned out to be some of our favorite pictures with the Tuck-Man and he fell into the part of being our little model for the day. Nancy and I both got our pictures separately with our little guy, and then we, of course, go pictures with the three of us – Tucker was a gem, posing for us and generally putting up with the silliness of sitting indoors and having a flash go off in his face for hours.

Rick has invited us to do a posing with the pup named Bodi-O, and we have to just get our butts over to the studio to get the first of our series of memory makers with Rick and Bodi – like kids, they grow so fast and one day you are looking back and wondering where all the time went.


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