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The Boys & The Bully Sticks

What is it about the Bully Stick that just sends these boys into complete rapture – moaning and talking to the treat, totally oblivious to everything else that is going on, totally engrossed in the job at hand. I still remember the first time that we gave Tucker a Bully Stick – we had taken […]

Friends Tucker

Tucker, and the tale of the “treat”

Many years ago Nancy , Tucker, and I were invited to our good friend Rick Hustead’s, where as a professional photographer Rick set us up in the studio and we started taking some pictures. Recently I pulled the CD out and took a look at the pictures again – it brings equal doses of laughter […]

Bodi The Boys Tucker

The Hunting Gene…

Tucker inherited the hunting gene from his Father, a champion from the Russet Leather line… Wait a minute, I have watched Tucker hunt and I can tell you without a doubt that Tucker has suppressed the hunting gene as far away as he possibly can. We took Tucker out on a hunting trial when he […]