Vizsla’s and The Trails

Shortly after we got Tucker, and finished all of the shots, we started taking him out for walks on the trails, he has always gotten a big kick out of being out away from everything and just doing his little hunting thing. Of course now that we have Bodi we have taken to getting him […]


It’s been 1 month that we have had Bodi in our lives, and to tell you the truth we couldn’t be happier, he is a little monster at times, but for the most part he is everything that you could want in a – hyperactive, high energy, excited, committed, completely over-the-top, jump in with all […]

The Good Dog Blog

Welcome to the journey of discovery that we have embarked upon… Way back in the year nineteen-hundred and ninety-seven, we opened our life and hearts to the sporting breed dog, known as the Vizsla. And… as we welcomed “Tucker” into our home, he became a major fixture in our landscape… and we would not have […]