Tucker looking for forgivnessShortly after we got Tucker, and finished all of the shots, we started taking him out for walks on the trails, he has always gotten a big kick out of being out away from everything and just doing his little hunting thing.

Of course now that we have Bodi we have taken to getting him out on the trails as well, and he is loving every minute of it.

Today I took the two boys out to the trails that used to be our old stomping grounds with Tucker and they both had a great time. It’s a long trail with some great hunting brush, the stuff that Bodi lives for, but with some good strolling sections that Tucker has taken to enjoying more and more.

Out with TuckerWhen we first got Bodi he was a little crazy about hunting, been cooped up to long in a backyard and his listening wasn’t really on par with what we expected, when he got in the hunt he blocked everything else out and just went nuts. Now that we have had a chance to work with him and show that we expect him to pay attention, things have become much better. We still let him get his hunting instincts going, but now he pays attention to where we are and will cut the hunt off to catch up with the pack as it keeps moving.

Bodi posing in the snowThere really is nothing like watching sporting dogs (which I believe to be the most beautiful dogs in the world – no bias here) as they move through open country or cruise through the brush, hunting through the woods, sliding across the snow – the sleek movement and easy gate – the way they prance… there isn’t anything that can beat that in all the world of canines.

So after a good walk today I am sitting here writing my post… as the two little guys are crashed out on the sofa behind me, of course making it tough for me to sit back and relax, but, hey – what can you say, they run the house, and always have.


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