Bodi and shoe… “Okay Bodi… where’s my other shoe?”… That’s what you hear around our house… quite often!

The little guy loves to take our shoes and “relocate” them in different areas throughout the house.

I know this is not right for me to say this… but it really is cute! Luckily, he doesn’t chew them or destroy them. He just picks them up at random… whenever they happen to “be in his path”. I’m sure he feels compelled to grab hold, and teach them a lesson for being in his way. But, like I said, he doesn’t want to “hurt” them… only remove them from their normal place.

So how do we break this funky, little habit he has? Mmmm… not sure yet. We keep telling him, “No… those are not toys… nothing for you to play with”. Does it work? Eh… sometimes. Only for a day or two, and then come to find, that yet another shoe is missing!

We have learned that Bodi really isn’t good at hiding things though (lucky for us)! Just the other day… I found Jim’s “other” slipper, lying next to Bodi, while he lay asleep on the window seat in the sunbeam, in the living room. He lays there, looking so cute and innocent… how could one possibly get mad at him?

I guess it is just one of the “quirky” little things that our new, four legged kid has brought to the table (not literally, luckily)! All in all… he’s a great addition to this household! And we love him very much! Even right now, at this very moment… while I am sitting here at my desk… with only one shoe on. Where, oh where could that other shoe be?! “Bodi”!!!


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  1. Hi, I haven’t forgotten you Bodi. I miss you ,but am grateful everyday for the home that you have. I still think oh I need to walk Bodi. Thank you Jim and Nancy,Tiara too. Yes I must say I spent a little time Looking for shoes to. Take care and thank you again. Jan

  2. Hi Jan… Bodi says Hi too! He is a wonderful dog and we love him very much… but I know that he has not forgotten about you either! You will always be his “first mommy”! Any time you want to visit, you are more than welcome.

    I will be adding some pictures to this post… hopefully I will get to that today. He has lost approx. 12 lbs. already, and he loves Tucker, very much. Tucker… cares for Bodi too. At first, he was put off, but they are both growing to love each other. Bodi (luckily) has learned a lot from Tuck!

    Take care…

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