Me and Tucker in front of WoodieLast year we took Tucker with us to the Wooden Boat show up at Lake Arrowhead, we had planned on just going there for the day, but as it turned out – we were so beat from the day in the sun and getting up early to get there that we found a place that allowed us to have Tucker there and just stayed the night – made it a 2 day affair, instead of trying to squeeze it into 1 day.

Tucker was, as usual, in heaven spending the day out with us. We had never taken him to Arrowhead and he had a great time socializing with all of the people and the other dogs that were there.

We took him to the waters edge and laughed as he stepped out on the rocks and into the water. It’s¬†surprising¬†how big the waves can get there with the boats going around, even though they are keeping to a fairly low speed around the docks. We got him out into the hills and the trees a little as well, so he got a bit of everything a good dog loves.

Nancy and Tucker at waters edgeThe (for us) biggest laugh of the day came when we took Tucker out onto the dock when we were going to see the boats. He was fine, came strolling out without a care in the world… Until he realized that the dock was moving up and down with the waves, and all four paws went out as far as they could as his stomach hit the dock. I could barely move him from where he was to try to get him back on solid ground. Since it was a fairly busy show – everyone got a good laugh out of the show that Tucker put on, although many of them felt sorry for him once they saw the fear in his eyes. Back on the solid ground he was right back to being his happy -go-lucky self and the life of the party, but for a few short minutes I am sure that he was wondering what had happened to his world.

Tucker has this thing about sand that we have always played off of, and we love dearly. ¬†He doesn’t ever dig in the yard, never tries to dig anything in the house, has really never even harmed anything in the house, but if you get him into a sandbox, playground with sand, or the beach, and he goes nuts, he dances around in out, digging and kicking the sand up in the air, we laugh at him and try to egg him on, but he doesn’t need any coaxing, he just loves to get in there and play. Luckily this hasn’t caused any other problems with him at home, so we let him go for it. As you could probably¬†imagine, there is plenty of sand up at Arrowhead, whether at the waters edge, or in the playgrounds around the area Tucker tried his best to hit all of them… and we tried our best to laugh every time – someone has to.

Me and Tucker by the waterThe place we stayed at was a beautiful 2 story with a kitchen, so Tucker had the run of the place while we were there, up the stairs, onto the bed, back downstairs and onto the sofa, making sure to never get too far out of our site. Since we weren’t planning on staying the night we really didn’t bring enough food for Tuck, but he didn’t seem to mind eating what we were having, although we kept his intake of Pizza to a minimum.

As you can see from the pics, Tuck was at just about his heaviest at this time – for him 75¬†lbs.¬†is pretty heavy, our vet got on our case about letting him get this big, especially at his age, so we have worked with him to get his weight down to 60¬†lbs.¬†which seems to be pretty good for him, possibly just a little too low, but he is really looking good now – unlike how he did in these pics, when if he sat down he¬†actually¬†had a tummy,¬†which¬†is something Tucker never had before, or since, and no cracks about my tummy, I’m working on that too.


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  1. I have a 15mo. old Viz who weighs in at 80-85lbs. Not an ounce of “chubby” either. Everyone who sees him says they have never seen such a big Viz, but he is big boned and very healthy. Probably not good for show or breeding (too big for standards) but we love him. We have been looking for a “buddy” for him. Another Viz of course. We want to find a rather large one, since you know how they can romp and I don’t want Big Tanner to hurt the puppy. I contacted the breeder who has Tanner’s father and they are due to have a litter shortly. Maybe I can find another big brother. Tucker is beautiful…Nothing like a Viz is there…LOL

  2. Hi Gayle,

    Wow!  That is a big V!  But I’m sure that he is beautiful!  Would love to see pictures of him.  We have a friend or ours who has two beautiful Weimaraners and one of them weighs in at 90 lbs!  But he is solid muscle and runs so gracefully.  And they are both the biggest loves!

    Our Tucker was right around 65 lbs.  Bodi was 80 lbs. when we first got him, but he is smaller boned than Tucker and has shorter legs.  Needless to say, he was “chubby” when we first got him.  He has lost 20 lbs. since and now he’s in good shape.  Enjoy your V!!!


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