It’s been 1 month that we have had Bodi in our lives, and to tell you the truth we couldn’t be happier, he is a little monster at times, but for the most part he is everything that you could want in a – hyperactive, high energy, excited, committed, completely over-the-top, jump in with all 4 paws, kind of dog.

Of course, when we got Bodi we made some solemn decisions about how he would be inserted into our lives so that we, and Tucker of course, wouldn’t have to be “inconvenienced” and so that he would be put back on the “straight and narrow” on his diet and training, etc…

  • No human food – lasted about 2 days
  • No getting on the furniture – lasted about 2 hours
  • Only riding in the car in his crate – second trip he was flying solo
  • No getting on the bed – lasted about 2 1/2 weeks

And the big one…

  • No sleeping on the bed, he was going to sleep in his crate every night, this was so that Tucker could still have his one place that he could count on being his.

Bodi Sleeping in BedBodi has always come on up and gotten into his crate, with a little coaxing. He would never refuse, but even though he follows us around everywhere that we go – normally – whenever we would shut things off and say that it was bedtime, he would casually climb up on the sofa and curl up into a ball, ignoring all of our calls and pretending to be asleep. We would have to come down and grab ahold of his collar to get him off of the sofa and headed up to the crate, whereas he would calmly climb on in and go to sleep.

Nancy and I had talked for days about when we might give him a chance to sleep on the bed for the night and had decided that last night we would give it a try and see how things went. Tucker still keeps Bodi at a slight bit of an “arms” length, so we were concerned about that. When we got ready for bed, Bodi did his usual and climbed up on the sofa to pretend he didn’t know we were going to bed. This time when I came down to get him he rolled over on his back and stuck his legs in the air so that it would be a little more difficult to take him to bed, damn kids nowadays, the things they learn from TV that makes it so difficult to control them. I flipped Bodi off of the sofa and sent him towards the bedroom (where his crate is) expecting to tell him to hop up on the bed. He slithered into the bedroom and sulking, he dropped into the crate to go to sleep, no telling him to get out and on the bed would move him, and not wanting to make this a “punishment” thing where I force him out, I left the crate door open and  just got ready for bed.

I pulled the covers back, sat down and as I went to lay back I felt something warm and furry where my pillow was supposed to be, Bodi, figuring things out, had jumped as fast and quiet as he could up onto the bed and was as happy as he could be. As I moved him and laid back, he was licking my face and neck (with his trademark nibbles) as hard and fast as he could. We already knew this about him from sleeping on the sofa, but we were still amazed at how quickly and completely Bodi sleeps, once he goes to sleep he pretty much is dead weight for the duration, so we had no problems with him sleeping on the bed, unless expecting him to move to make you more comfortable is considered a problem…

So, the morale of this long ass story… We have an extremely good, happy dog with whom we are gladly breaking all of our rules with, to the growth and benefit of all of us.

What can we say… As Bodi’s name says… God Bless The King, King Tucker and King Bodi that is.


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  1. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you both so very very much for adding Bodi to your lives, and I hope Tucker and he will be the best of friends someday soon. It seems that you’ve already nailed his personality to a tee as he is a turd at times but Bodi truly has a heart of gold and loves to play doesn’t he?

    Again, thank you for opening your hearts and home to a wonderful friend that I so enjoyed being a part of his life. Take care of him and love him lots and you’ll have a friend for life.

  2. Hello Brent,

    Thank you for your message! We are thrilled to have Bodi in our lives! He is a great dog and so full of life! And it is obvious (to us) that Bodi was very loved by you guys… and it helped make him into the sweet dog that he is! We are thankful.. to you guys too.

    Bodi really loves Tucker… and Tucker “tolerates” Bodi! Tucker is still trying to get used to having another puppy in our household… and he’s getting there. After all, Tuck has had us to himself for almost 12 years, and now he must share. Bodi has shown Tucker complete respect… but also an occasional “lick, lick… nibble” on the ear. Yes… we have noticed how much Bodi likes to “nibble” on the earlobes!

    We have discovered that Bodi, truly lives in the moment! He dives right into every situation… at full throttle! Whereas Tuck, is a little bit more subtle… a little bit more careful these days. But they are good for each other and great for us!

    Please feel free to tune into our blog anytime to see updates, pictures, etc…

    Take care…

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