tuckbaby2*** Update *** All is good on the Tuck-man, vet thinks he may have strained something, but x-rays look “extremely good” and we just have to control his excitement around other dogs for a couple of weeks…

Tucker is at the vet today, getting x-rays on his hips and back legs. We discovered a couple of weeks ago that he was limping a little bit. We took him to the vet and they checked him out. We thought that maybe he pulled a muscle or something. But as time went on, it did not get any better.

So, we took him back to our vet and now he is there having x-rays taken. It is a little unnerving for me (mom) as they have to anestisized him in order to do the x-rays… yikes! And the fact that he is an older dog (11), makes me even more nervous. But we have a wonderful veterinarian, with whom we have put our trust in taking care of our animals for almost 18 years.

I will let you all know when Tucker is back home and we have the results of the x-rays.

Thanks for tuning in!


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