tandbsnowToday we took Tuck & Bodi out to play in the snow.

We took Tucker last year for the first time, and he loved it, playing for hours, chasing and eating snow, slipping through the crust to freeze his stomach, all the fun in a winter wonderland.

So we wanted to make sure to take Bodi this year, we aren’t sure whether he had been to the snow before, but we knew he would have a blast either way.

We found a perfect place up in the mountains that was far enough from the road that we didn’t have to worry too much, and it was down in a valley allowing us to keep an eye on the two boys. As they hit the snow, it all came back to Tucker and he was having a blast, running around and dancing in the deeper stuff. Bodi took a second to take a look and became the hunter that he is, looking under every fallen log, digging wherever he picked up the slightest scent, running to every vantage point to see if anything would show its face and let him chase it.

bodisnow2Tuck & Bodester both were having a blast chasing every snowball that they kicked up with their feet to kill and eat and the one time that I laid down to make a snow angel (hey, everyone has to be a kid every once in awhile) Bodi climbed on top to claim his prize. Even in the snow Bodi dives in with all of his body and soul, licking your face and neck with his entire tongue and throwing in the little nibbles every once in a while… The kind that hurts even more when his face is cold and you are freezing!

Tucker, as usual, is the more careful and subtle of the two, coming up close to rub against your body and lick your hands, but always trying to be just that little bit careful. He is slowing down a little, not quite as strong with his playing, age is playing it’s mean spirited games on him all the time, but we are determined to get him out to as many fun things as we possibly can, and keeping the extreme fun loving and powerful personality of Bodi at hands reach so as to not overpower Tuck’s enjoyment.


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  1. Wonderful playtime over the white stuff. Looks like a perfect weather of sunny with snow day, a perfect session for taking some piccies and having blasts for the dogs..

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