Last weekend we took Bodi out for a nice hike on some nearby trails.  We had […]
Tucker, in his day, had a thing about Nancy’s underwear, loved to grab it and walk […]
This was Bodi’s first trip to the Christmas Tree Farm (with us)… a tradition that we […]
Had quite the stressful week, long and stressful, so decided to take a late afternoon walk […]
    Just a real quick post… Nancy, Bodi and I went to our favorite Car […]
Here we have Bodi’s friends… Sterling and Gracie! Two awesome Weimaraners! Sterling and Gracie have the […]
How do I love my daddy? Let me count the ways… Daddy… I love to come […]
Couldn’t resist embarrassing Bodi (really Nancy) with this little mock-up… This was our first real “Holiday” […]
Just a quick post about the Bodester, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve […]
Check out our little Bodi!  We will now call him, “Mr. B” (like Mr. T)!  I […]