Sterling and Gracie as happy as can be!!!

Here we have Bodi’s friends… Sterling and Gracie! Two awesome Weimaraners!

Sterling and Gracie have the most incredible personalities. They are both beautiful (of course), fun loving, energetic (their mom and dad can vouch for this), loyal, regal, goofy, majestic, sensitive, silly, etc… etc…! Does that sound a lot like our V’s? Yes! And just like the V’s (and in the human race.. as I am told by my husband) the females become a little more challenging… pushing your buttons (hee hee hee), all along the journey of life and the males are big babies, and become even bigger babies as they get older. So true, so true! Sorry… couldn’t resist! Tucker become such a baby… I loved it!

Just look at Sterling and Gracie… both of them have their tongues hanging out… running to their daddy.. as happy as can be. I love this! I love the energy! These guys are so cool and Bodi O is very lucky to have them in his life.

"There's Gold in Them There Mountains... Oh Wait, That's Just Bodi, Leaving a Golden......!"

"There's Gold in Them There Mountains... Oh Wait, That's Just Bodi, Leaving a Golden......!"

A little over a month ago… I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Sterling and Gracie’s Dad, Brian, out on the trails while I was walking Bodi. It was great! We had a good walk, and talked about Tucker… as Brian knew Tucker and Tuck loved Sterling and Gracie. But it was so nice to see Bodi walking with Sterling and Gracie… to see them exchanging kisses, mainly with Gracie Girl, all along the way. It was good healing for me… as I have been hurting so much, from the loss of Tucker. To see my little Bodi, out with these guys, being so good, so loving… it just touched my heart in so many ways.

On that note… I will sign off and leave you with these great pics. Enjoy!!

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