Bodi and the Bling!

Bodi and the Bling!

Check out our little Bodi!  We will now call him, “Mr. B” (like Mr. T)!  I love this pic… he is so cute.

Jim thought it would be cute to put the different chain collars we had for both of the boys, on him.   He now wears Tuck’s chain… as it is the only one that fits him!

Bodi was a “little chubby” when we first got him.  In fact, we used to call him “Sumo Bodi”!  He has lost a total of 20 lbs. since we adopted him 7 months ago.  So each collar we bought for him, got way too loose.   Tuck’s collar is now the perfect fit for him.

We brought the little “poop” home on February 16th, 2009.  He turned 3 on March 4, 2009.  Jim & I have come to the realization, that Bodi is still a pup!!  We have already instilled so much training (and love of course) into him, that he sometimes comes across as an older dog.   He is very smart and very loyal, already.    He is also… extremely energetic (that’s where the puppy in him comes out)!  As we love all three of these traits (having had that with Tuck for 12 years), it’s the energy of a puppy that amazes us.

Tucker still had that “puppy” energy, up until his 12th birthday, just this past June.  He had the same enthusiasm as he did when he was Bodi’s age.  His mind was very much there and very much willing… unfortunately, his body was starting to tire out.  Not moving as good as he used to… but with our help (lifting him onto the bed and into the Jeep and Truck) he stayed strong!.

Tucker had a tremendous influence on Bodi.  Bodi picked up the mature, refined energy from Tuck and Tuck picked up some of the youthful, pent up energy that Bodi  often exhibits!  The two were very good for each other and brought so much to the table, to enrich each others lives.

Our little Bodi O misses Tucker terribly… and often looks for him throughout the house…wondering when his big brother is going to come home, so he can take the toy out of his mouth!!  He misses that little game that they used to play… and we miss seeing it.

As time goes on,  we are healing… with the help and love from our little Bodi O!!


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  1. Boy, what an adorable little guy… and quite the showoff.

    Now if you can just get one of those extra big clocks to put around his neck, and maybe a golden grill (the fake gold teeth), oh and a gold ear-ring, ohhh, and… we would really have something going on.

  2. Bodi I’m sure you miss your Tucker. Our Rocket/Delilah have been together for just over a year now and we just can’t image one without the other. It’s incredible how dogs bond with one another and manage to give each other strength. A trait humans should be better at. 🙂

  3. Hi Bodi,

    It’s always nice to meet another V blogging buddy. I know your family is going through a hard time since losing Tucker, and I’m very glad you are there to help them through this difficult time. Stay strong, and make sure to give your family love every day.


  4. Hi Laila!  Thank you for your message to Bodi!  Rest assured, he is comforting us, beyond the norm.  He has been so loving, affectionate and very sweet!  Jim & I are “feeling the healing”… with the help of our little Bodi O!

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