Well a month has gone by, and this is Bodi’s side of the month.

Bodi was very lost the first couple of weeks after the loss, he really didn’t know how to act, didn’t pick up any toys, was always waiting for Tucker to be there and do his part so that Bodi could do the “second dog” thing, he still looks for Tucker when he comes in from the back yard. As the time has gone by, Bodi has opened up more and more every day. It is really strange, but I think Bodi must have spent a lot of the time that he had with Tucker just observing his interaction with us and storing it for future use.

Bodi is, and has been, since we were lucky enough to bring him home, an incredible little “V”, he is different then Tucker, not worse in any way, just different, and we have loved every bit of that difference.

Where Tucker was all about us, always paying attention to our every move and our energy, Bodi is a little more independent – always on the hunt, a little more aloof. When we raised our voices, even if by chance we were watching a sporting event on TV, Tuck would get worried, would leave the room and go hide in the bathroom – of course when we called him he would come running, his tail wagging, a toy in his mouth and talking up a storm in the Vizsla “Roo, Roo” kind of way. Bodi, in the same situations, will just open an eye, look at us to make sure all is well, and go right back to sleep, not in an “I don’t care” way, just in an “I’m really not going to worry, or get involved” kind of way.

But the really funny thing is, ever since Tucker passed on to that “Rainbow Bridge”, Bodi has been picking up more and more of Tucker’s traits, nudging our arms when he wants attention, getting in between Nancy and I if we try to get a little romantic, getting down off of the sofa when we are eating dinner to make sure he has the best view of any food that may come his way – all things that Tucker had mastered, and Bodi never was concerned with when Tuck was here.

Friends that knew Tucker for many years are commenting on how much Bodi is starting to act like he always did, in my office they say that if they look away and then back they swear that Tucker is sitting in his chair (yes. my boys have their own chairs in the office, and if I go into the edit bay I bring their blanket in so that they can be comfortable – although my partner thinks it is to save the leather sofa), when it is Bodi. Bodi is acting different when we take him to the park or around other dogs as well, whereas he was a little aggressive in his playing, especially around smaller breeds, he is much more mellow now, playing and running, but not nearly the “I’m a baddass” sound as usual, all things that Tucker always brought to the table… and now Bodi seems to be bringing forth as well.

I’m sure that a lot of it comes from the fact that all of the attention has swung his way, so we are acting different around him as well, different energy, but I also believe that Bodi was not looking to step on Tucker’s toes when they were together, he understood Tucker’s place in the family and choose to view it, not to overstep his place. Now that he has moved into that place in our lives, Bodi has assumed a lot of the characteristics that were obviously so important to us and Tucker throughout his life.

Don’t get this post wrong… Bodi can still be a BUTT-HEAD, but he is an incredibly loving, sweet souled, soft tempered, and smart, strong willed, BUTT-HEAD, that just seems to bring a little more “Tuckerness” to the party every day. May god bless all the “V”‘s of the world (and all the other great dogs as well) and may the loving soul of Tucker run through Bodi every day of his (hopefully very) long life.


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  1. Dear “Dennis the Vizsla”…

    Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to us during this difficult time!

    Our Tucker went all too soon… we really believed that we would have him until atleast 14 or 15.  He was healthy, happy and lead a very active life.  Our sweet Tuckie was our world!  We do not have any children and Tucker was our son for 12 years.  Now we have Bodi and he is only 3, so we fully expect (if our dear God is willing) to have him for at least the next 10 + years. 

    So please give “your Tucker” a big kiss for us and from Bodi and let him know that “our little Tucker” is watching him from above and shedding his sweet spirit to all!

    Blessings to you and your family!


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