Couldn’t resist embarrassing Bodi (really Nancy) with this little mock-up…

This was our first real “Holiday” with Bodi, and consequently, our first real “Holiday” without the Tuckster in a long time.

Bodi was great, primed him for all the kids that were going to show up, waited, and waited, and no kids came by our neighborhood at all. So we enjoyed our little Halloween decorations, and enjoyed our boy – next year, we dress him up and go out for the hunt – all little kids BEWARE!!!


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  1. Hello there, “Doggie Stylish”!  Thanks for tuning into our dog blog! 

    Yes, Bodi certainly does look like “BatDog”!

    I am going to add your link to our blog… would you be so kind as to add our blog to your site?

    Thank you!


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