“I Love My Daddy”… by Bodi Morrison

How do I love my daddy? Let me count the ways…

Luv my dad!!

Daddy… I love to come to work with you!

Daddy… I love to give you kisses!

Daddy… I love when you give me kisses!

Daddy… I love when we go for walkies!

Daddy… I love when you feed me!

Daddy… I love when you give me treats!

Daddy… I love when Mommy gives me treats! Okay, okay, that will be in another post… gotcha!

Daddy… I love when you take me out on the trails!

Daddy… I love when you take me to the park to see other doggies!

Daddy… I love when we wrestle and you let me nibble on your ear!

Daddy luvs my kisses!
Daddy luvs my kisses!

Daddy… I love when we wrestle and you nibble on my ear!

Daddy… I love when you let me crawl under the blankies with you, on a cold morning… just like my big brother Tucker used to do!

Daddy… I love when we go to breakfast with Mommy… and you give me a “generous” portion of your bagel! Unlike Mommy, who gives me a tiny, morsel, here and there : – | Love you Mommy… but Daddy gives me a “real” bite of food!

Daddy… most of all… I just LOVE BEING WITH YOU!!


Bodi O!!

I love you Bodi O!  Love, Daddy
I love you Bodi O! Love, Daddy

And Daddy… loves you… Bodi O!!!

Just a little Halloween fun!!!

Couldn’t resist embarrassing Bodi (really Nancy) with this little mock-up…

This was our first real “Holiday” with Bodi, and consequently, our first real “Holiday” without the Tuckster in a long time.

Bodi was great, primed him for all the kids that were going to show up, waited, and waited, and no kids came by our neighborhood at all. So we enjoyed our little Halloween decorations, and enjoyed our boy – next year, we dress him up and go out for the hunt – all little kids BEWARE!!!

The Joy Of the Toy… or… Who’s The Stupid One Now!!!

Has anybody else noticed this… You go out and spend hours picking just the right toy for your four legged kids, you spend a fortune to buy some toy with “Made in China” on it that lasts for half a day at most, you show everyone how cute the toy is and you revel in the idea that your “kids” are going to love it… and in reality all you had to do was roll up a piece of trash, toss an old sock, or… put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, and you had the best toy that your kids could possibly want.

We all roll our eyes, laugh at the stupidity of the animal in front of us, and go back to trying to figure out how we could have spent so much money at the holidays!!!

Now, I ask you, which breed here is the stupid one? Which one of us needs to have our heads examined and be “rehabilitated”?

Tucker loved the paper rolls, you could toss it on the floor up in the third story bathroom and he would come flying up the stairs from the first floor to attack the toilet paper monster, he would carry around his prize kill until all had a chance to see, and then he would lay down and tear it to pieces. We loved to watch him, he loved the show as well, and still 2 months after his passing we find ourselves throwing the roll on the floor and waiting for the storm to come.

This is one of the traits that Bodi didn’t pick up from Tucker, he will just watch it hit the floor and walk away, wondering what all the fuss was about a stupid toilet paper roll, and then he’ll casually pick up Nancy’s bra and walk away with it, with that gleam in his eye, swearing that there is no way he is going to let this unholy monster get to us… and all of his new toys that we were dumb enough to bring home for him…

Setting The Tone For The Weekend!!!

Just a quick post about the Bodester, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve already written a lot with this pic.

Bodi hard at work proving once and for all that he can crash out just as fully as Tucker could, I’m in the chair editing a video for a client, while this bum-of-a-dog is crashed out, snoring, and doing those cute little Vizsla kicks while he chases Squirrels in his dreamy-dream land.

Just something to set the tone for the weekend!!!

Tucker, Brain Cramps, and the Sand Dancing

Ever since that fateful day that we were blessed to have a Vizsla slip into our lives, we loved to be surprised by all the little “crazy” things that they do… The little nips when they kiss you, the cold nose in the back, the snoring, the Vizsla “Roo, Roo” talking, all of it blows you away, and if you love your puppies like we do ours, all of it just places another memory in your mind and another swell in your heart.

One of the things that we learned about Vizsla’s is something that we call “Brain Cramps”. I’m sure that every “V” owner will attest to this little bit of craziness.

When you are playing with your pup, and all of the sudden all hell breaks loose, the back hips drop near to the ground, the lips curl back, the ears start to flop all over the place, and time stands still… for you, for your Vizsla though, time has taken on a new meaning, they are moving as fast as they can, running like the wind, their shoulders seem to touch the ground as they negotiate a tight turn, they are growling and barking, and many times the slobber is thrown across the bridge of their nose.

Of course, we are egging them on, growling back at them, laughing as hard as they are playing, throwing our arms in the air just to see how much more insane they can become.  As they run at us,we run back at them, just to keep the game going.  I’m sure most other people must view us, the owners, as the crazy ones, as we “scare” our little dogs, but we know better, we are in Vizsla heaven, we are in the midst of the hunt with them, we are at one with our beasts.

I dare any Vizsla owner to deny that they have been here, I dare any Vizsla owner to say that they haven’t felt this.

With our beloved Tucker we also had a little thing that we called “Sand Dancing”.  We were treated to this one evening while walking Tuck near the playground at the school near us (Of course, this was before the schools around here were put into perpetual lockdown, before the “No Dogs Allowed” signs popped up, when they were still “public” schools).  As Nancy and I walked near the sandbox, Tucker dove in, and started dancing, he would dig a little, then spin around , throw all four paws out, get his face near the sand, and spin around, kicking sand in the air, then start all over again.  Nancy and I were loving it, and we would point him to sand anytime we were near it just to enjoy his complete happiness and joy with this soft, sandy treat.

These pictures were taken a few years ago when we took Tucker to the Beach Cruisers Car Show in Huntington Beach (Car lovers should circle this one on the calendar, great show), we split off from the show and went down to the beaches edge. Of course, Tucker couldn’t resist the sand and started Sand Dancing, people were staring and pointing, and we were loving it. Every once in a while Tucker would take a break, stand at the walls edge and check everybody and everything out, but his true love was the sand… and for a little while he was “The Lord Of The Dance”, and he was dirty, and he was sandy, and he was out of breath, and he was drooling… and best of all, he was Tucker.

Bodi is a master of “Brain Cramping”, he does it at the park, in the hills, in the backyard, Christ, he does it in the house (as Tucker did before him). He hasn’t picked up on the Sand Dancing yet, at least not in front of us, but we won’t hold it against him, and we’ll just egg him on a little bit everytime we get in the sand, just in case he has a bit of the dance in him.

These pictures bring back many memories, many great thoughts, and a bit of tears, but I am so thankful that we still have them as they trigger all of the emotions, good and bad, and for that we are blessed.

So, take your pups out, let them Brain Cramp, egg them on, let them be silly, let them run, bark, growl, let them be free, let them be dogs… and tell them of the “Sand Dancing Dog” of Southern California, for he was all of those things, he was deeply loved, and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Tucker, and his love for old cars

Tucker enjoyed every moment that he was allowed to spend with us, and we took advantage of that by taking him everywhere that we could.  I found these older pictures of a day that we took Tuck to a British Car Show and had to share them… The best part is that Nancy doesn’t even know that I found these, and I can assure you that she will be quite surprised, quite happy to see these, and the tears will flow again.

We have a 67 MGB-GT that we used to take Tucker out in, a little small, but he had no problem fitting in back and would lie down and relax for the drive. Tucker was a good sport, as long as he could be with us.  We would take him to the car shows and take him around as we checked out the cars.  He was the greatest at these events, we could have him off leash and he would never bother the cars, when we were getting up close we would tell him to wait and he would either sit or stand where we told him while we got close to the cars to look at them, of course if someone – especially carrying some food – came up to see him, he would break his concentration and become the life of the show, but, he never, ever would get near to the cars in a way that would damage them.

This was taken at a British Car Show, back in 2005, that we used to go to all the time, down near the water, away from the busy streets.  Tucker, as usual, was the star of the show and everyone wanted to come see him.  Most people had no idea what kind of dog he was, and we’ve heard the old “it must be a red Weimaraner”, “that’s a red Doberman that they didn’t crop the ears on” and “The ridge on that Rhodesian Ridgeback doesn’t look right”, so we felt very good about letting them know that Tucker was a Vizsla, which always brought a look of confusion. Then we would tell them he was a Hungarian Pointer, which usually satisfied them enough to quit asking.

At this show our friend Karen had her newly restored Sunbeam Alpine which was getting a lot of admiring glances.  She asked us to see how Tucker liked the car and whether he would like to get in, and once Tucker was satisfied that this was indeed a Sunbeam Alpine and not the Sunbeam Tiger (since no real dog would be caught having pictures taken inside a Tiger), he quite enjoyed getting in and having a few pictures taken.  Everyone loved the mini show inside the car show, most of all Tucker since he got a lot more attention.

Of course, the fact that we quite often brought a picnic with us to these events made Tucker even more excited. Tucker had no problem making us feel bad by staring at our food after he scarfed his own down, knowing that if he did a good enough job we would give in and he would get a sample. This, at the time, made us feel that we weren’t doing him any good by letting him taste our food, but now we wouldn’t have traded that bonding for anything – memories are funny that way.

So, enjoy the pics, enjoy the story, and remember – take the little guys with you when you get a chance, they enjoy being with you, and the memories are priceless.

Bodi and the Bling!

Bodi and the Bling!
Bodi and the Bling!

Check out our little Bodi!  We will now call him, “Mr. B” (like Mr. T)!  I love this pic… he is so cute.

Jim thought it would be cute to put the different chain collars we had for both of the boys, on him.   He now wears Tuck’s chain… as it is the only one that fits him!

Bodi was a “little chubby” when we first got him.  In fact, we used to call him “Sumo Bodi”!  He has lost a total of 20 lbs. since we adopted him 7 months ago.  So each collar we bought for him, got way too loose.   Tuck’s collar is now the perfect fit for him.

We brought the little “poop” home on February 16th, 2009.  He turned 3 on March 4, 2009.  Jim & I have come to the realization, that Bodi is still a pup!!  We have already instilled so much training (and love of course) into him, that he sometimes comes across as an older dog.   He is very smart and very loyal, already.    He is also… extremely energetic (that’s where the puppy in him comes out)!  As we love all three of these traits (having had that with Tuck for 12 years), it’s the energy of a puppy that amazes us.

Tucker still had that “puppy” energy, up until his 12th birthday, just this past June.  He had the same enthusiasm as he did when he was Bodi’s age.  His mind was very much there and very much willing… unfortunately, his body was starting to tire out.  Not moving as good as he used to… but with our help (lifting him onto the bed and into the Jeep and Truck) he stayed strong!.

Tucker had a tremendous influence on Bodi.  Bodi picked up the mature, refined energy from Tuck and Tuck picked up some of the youthful, pent up energy that Bodi  often exhibits!  The two were very good for each other and brought so much to the table, to enrich each others lives.

Our little Bodi O misses Tucker terribly… and often looks for him throughout the house…wondering when his big brother is going to come home, so he can take the toy out of his mouth!!  He misses that little game that they used to play… and we miss seeing it.

As time goes on,  we are healing… with the help and love from our little Bodi O!!

A Month Goes By… Bodi the “V”

Well a month has gone by, and this is Bodi’s side of the month.

Bodi was very lost the first couple of weeks after the loss, he really didn’t know how to act, didn’t pick up any toys, was always waiting for Tucker to be there and do his part so that Bodi could do the “second dog” thing, he still looks for Tucker when he comes in from the back yard. As the time has gone by, Bodi has opened up more and more every day. It is really strange, but I think Bodi must have spent a lot of the time that he had with Tucker just observing his interaction with us and storing it for future use.

Bodi is, and has been, since we were lucky enough to bring him home, an incredible little “V”, he is different then Tucker, not worse in any way, just different, and we have loved every bit of that difference.

Where Tucker was all about us, always paying attention to our every move and our energy, Bodi is a little more independent – always on the hunt, a little more aloof. When we raised our voices, even if by chance we were watching a sporting event on TV, Tuck would get worried, would leave the room and go hide in the bathroom – of course when we called him he would come running, his tail wagging, a toy in his mouth and talking up a storm in the Vizsla “Roo, Roo” kind of way. Bodi, in the same situations, will just open an eye, look at us to make sure all is well, and go right back to sleep, not in an “I don’t care” way, just in an “I’m really not going to worry, or get involved” kind of way.

But the really funny thing is, ever since Tucker passed on to that “Rainbow Bridge”, Bodi has been picking up more and more of Tucker’s traits, nudging our arms when he wants attention, getting in between Nancy and I if we try to get a little romantic, getting down off of the sofa when we are eating dinner to make sure he has the best view of any food that may come his way – all things that Tucker had mastered, and Bodi never was concerned with when Tuck was here.

Friends that knew Tucker for many years are commenting on how much Bodi is starting to act like he always did, in my office they say that if they look away and then back they swear that Tucker is sitting in his chair (yes. my boys have their own chairs in the office, and if I go into the edit bay I bring their blanket in so that they can be comfortable – although my partner thinks it is to save the leather sofa), when it is Bodi. Bodi is acting different when we take him to the park or around other dogs as well, whereas he was a little aggressive in his playing, especially around smaller breeds, he is much more mellow now, playing and running, but not nearly the “I’m a baddass” sound as usual, all things that Tucker always brought to the table… and now Bodi seems to be bringing forth as well.

I’m sure that a lot of it comes from the fact that all of the attention has swung his way, so we are acting different around him as well, different energy, but I also believe that Bodi was not looking to step on Tucker’s toes when they were together, he understood Tucker’s place in the family and choose to view it, not to overstep his place. Now that he has moved into that place in our lives, Bodi has assumed a lot of the characteristics that were obviously so important to us and Tucker throughout his life.

Don’t get this post wrong… Bodi can still be a BUTT-HEAD, but he is an incredibly loving, sweet souled, soft tempered, and smart, strong willed, BUTT-HEAD, that just seems to bring a little more “Tuckerness” to the party every day. May god bless all the “V”‘s of the world (and all the other great dogs as well) and may the loving soul of Tucker run through Bodi every day of his (hopefully very) long life.

A Month Goes By…

Well, it’s been a month since we suddenly lost Tucker, it seems like it just flew by, and then at times it seems like it lasts forever…

I just wanted to put up a little remembrance post, a little touch of Tucker’s love, companionship, incredible temperament, loyalty, great nature…, well, just a touch of Tuck-a-poo.

Tucker was, for 12 incredibly short years, our little guy, he was there whenever we needed him, was our companion, would put himself between us and harm (as we would do for him), he was there, alongside me, comforting Nancy when she went through her cancer, he went with us on trips to comfort us and my Father when my Dad was dying of cancer, he was there with us to carve pumpkins, to cut Christmas trees, to hang out at car shows, he was there when we had good times celebrating, was there to comfort us when we had bad times, and was there when we just needed that warm body to hold on to.

We never went anywhere that we either took Tucker, or wished that we could have taken him, whether it was to the office, to friends houses, on trips to Las Vegas, cruising the sand dunes up at Pismo or up to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend. We never worried about introducing him to people, since to Tucker, if they were a friend of ours, they were a friend of his. He trusted us completely, and we trusted him completely, and I don’t think anyone who was ever around Tuck wasn’t touched by his beautiful soul.

Tucker was one of those dogs that seemed to never be happier than when he was with either Nancy, myself, or both of us. He truly came into his own and never looked more majestic than when he was with us, showing us off, or just hanging out. Nancy and I were also blessed in the fact that Tucker never chose one of us over the other, never took one of us as his “Master”, he always shared us, to the point that he would move from one sleeping point on the sofa to another 4 – 5 times a night, just to share his love with us and not spend too much time with just one of us.

As Nancy has said lately, “I know that time heals and it gets better, but the longer he is gone, as more and more time passes… the more I miss him”, and it’s true – since we did so very much with him, spent so many years with him in our hearts, we truly can’t look anywhere without seeing his spirit running around us, without thinking of him grabbing a toy and talking to us, without thinking of all those moments that we shared with him.

Lately we have been going to some of the special places that we shared with Tucker, we are sharing them with Bodi, and we are spreading a little bit of Tuck’s ashes. These are the beginning of the memories that we will be sharing with Bodi, of the companionship that will be forged by the three of us passing through these hard times, and sharing the beautiful memories.

So, hopefully things will get easier, as time goes by, hopefully the hole in our hearts will start to heal. By writing these memories down we don’t want to bring anyone down… we just want to share our “little guy” and our memories with everyone who knew him, and we want to spread a little of what Tucker was, and still is to us, to people that didn’t have the chance to get to know him.