Welcome to the famous, doggie wrestling ring (OUR bed).   “Here we have the “Bodacious” Bodi, weighing in at a whopping 62lbs!  And in this corner (my pillow), we have “Little” Oliver, the defending light weight champion, weighing in at 45lbs.  With Bodi having almost 20lbs on little Oli, can Oliver win this match and keep the championship title?… and there they go!  Bodi, pouncing on Oli full force… but Oli is fast and extremely agile… as he slides out from under Bodi, he leaps over the top and has Bodi in his famous “Oli hold” (front leg on the chest).   As Bodi lies there underneath Oli, pinned down, Bodi pulls his famous move on Oil… “The Bodaaaay Mouth Grip”.  There he goes folks, he’s got his whole mouth around Oli’s neck!  Oli is retaliating… snarling and showing all teeth, the Boadster backs off… they jump out of the ring, wrestling, snarling, growling.  It’s getting intense folks!  And there they go… they jump back in the ring, full force!  Jumping all over the ring… now they’re up on their two hind legs!  Now they are punching and grabbing each other, throwing each other to the ground!  who will when this match?  Stay tuned for further coverage of this intense wrestling match!

Whew… the refs (mom and dad) need a little break!!

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