Thursday, 4.29.10, we welcomed a new “V” to the family.

Oliver is a 1.5 year old that we adopted from SoCal Vizsla Rescue, He is a beautiful, extremely thin, very active, sweet young Vizsla that we will gladly welcome into his “Forever Home”.

Last night was his first night with us… What a sweet boy, he played long and hard with all of the toys that he could find, and then when we sat down to dinner, he curled up on the sofa and went to sleep.

At bed time, it took just a few to get him to calm down, but then he curled up next to Bodi, put his head on Bodi’s butt and went to sleep.

He definitely has some separation anxiety, but then it has only been 1 day and he is just getting used to the new digs. He tends to whine when left by himself, whether in the bedroom, or when left alone in the house, but seems to be much better when Bodi is nearby.

Couldn’t be happier, Nancy, Bodi, Oliver and I look forward to many more posts on this new subject, and new member of our family.


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  1. Hi Oliver, Welcome to the neighborhood. I met your mom last week and she is so sweet. I want to meet you and Bodi soon and play with you at the park. Oh, I have some secrets on how to gain weight fast!!! Love and Licks, Daisy

  2. From Oliver:  Thank you Daisy…  I look forward to meeting you!  Thank you for the kinds words about my new mommy… I love her already!

  3. Thank you all! Oliver is adjusting to his new home, beautifully. He is very clingy… which we love! He’s already been on some long walks with us and enjoying his new family. Bodi likes him too!!

  4. From Oliver:  Hi Dennis!  Yes, I am a little on the thin side, but my mommy and daddy are already addressing this!  I think I have already gained a pound since I got here!

  5. Oliver, it looks like you are in good hands, you’re lucky to have found such a great family. Have a great time in your new home.

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