"Under the Tucker Sun"!

"Under the Tucker Sun"!

I just wanted to share this great picture of Tuck! I love it! I took this picture a few weeks ago, in our backyard.  Tuck loved to go out in the backyard with me… and just lie down and soak up some rays.  I am quite sure that it felt good on his tired bones.

Tucker had led a VERY active life.  He and I used to run on the trails everyday, for years.  He loved his walks, he loved the 3 hour hikes and runs we used to do every weekend.  I think, most of all, he just enjoyed being with me and the special bond that we had as “trail running buddies”!

I must say, that it had been tough for us to see him slowing down in his later years.  But his youthful spirit and sweet, sweet, loving soul, kept him going (us too)!  And he still greeted us with the utmost enthusiasm!  Toy in mouth, tail and butt wagging as his “springy” feet danced about and his signature, “Roo, roo, roo” that came out of his mouth!

What an awesome feeling that was for us!  As it is not just a memory, it is a feeling that will be with us forever!


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