As we are only 1 week from Tucker’s passing… and though it still weighs heavy on our hearts, and we feel the emptiness in our home,  we are finally starting to feel some sort of comfort.

That comfort comes from seeing our sweet little Bodi.  Jim & I realized, that, as much as we are hurting from the loss of Tucker, and as much as we miss him and wish every second of every day that we could have “one more day” with him, we have another “child” to raise.

Tuck on the left, Bodi O on the right, in my office

Tuck on the left, Bodi-O on the right, in my office

So as the healing begins, we embark upon yet another journey with the “second, Vizsla child”, Bodi.

Bodi-O (that’s what I call him, Bodi-O) has stepped up to the plate and assumed his new role in the “pack”.  He had been moping around the house, (as we were too) for the first few days after Tucker passed.  Bodi picked up a toy on Friday morning and starting throwing it to himself (yes, he does this) and having a blast with it!  It was so nice to see this and it gave us a certain “comfort” for that moment.  We miss Tuck, terribly, but to see Bodi playing with his toys was such a joy for us.  Seeing that he is beginning to heal, is helping us immensely.

Bodi loved Tucker very much, and he respected him.  Bodi gladly stepped down from his role as the “dog of the house” from his previous owners, when he came into our home and saw that Tucker was the dog of the house in our home.  He let Tucker go through the door first, he let Tucker start to eat his food first, he let Tucker greet us first when we came home and he let Tucker get the first hug and kiss from us!  He never argued, he knew his place, but most importantly, he knew Tuck’s place (and ours of course)!

Every toy that Tucker had, Bodi was sure that, that toy was the best toy ever and he had to have it!  Bodi-O would take the toy out of Tucker’s mouth (Tucker would let out a little grunt to let Bodi know that he did not entirely approve of this behavior) and frolicked about, as if he had scored big time in the hunt!  But all Tuck had to do, was pick out another toy and there was Bodi, to take that toy from him!  I think it was a respect thing (stay with me here) Bodi thought so highly of Tuck, that what ever toy Tucker had, had to be “the best one”!

Okay, I am reminiscing again!  I can honestly say, that this feels good.  It feels good to write all of this stuff down.  I do believe that it is helping us to cope, and to heal.  We have lost our very best friend Tucker, but we have gained a beautiful, sweet baby boy, Bodi and we will extend our love that we had for Tuck to Bodi and nurture him as we did Tuck and make sure that he will be the best Bodi ever!

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