Beautiful Tucker

I just wanted to write a little something… in honor of Tucker.  Today marks the 6 month anniversary of Tucker’s passing.  I am still so very sad.. to this day.  I miss our little guy so much and it still hurts as if it we had just lost him yesterday.

They say that time heals all wounds… and I know that eventually, this wound will heal.  But right now, I still feel that… the longer he is gone, the more I miss him.  He was the puppy love of our lives… and we had such an incredible bond with this dog!

Tucker... sweet, happy dog!

Tucker was the epitome of love, caring, sweetness, affection… I could go on and on.  Yes… “caring”! Most people would not describe their dogs or pets as “caring”.  But Tucker truly cared for everyone.  He had such a love of live, his family and friends.  He worried so much about all of us.  He was… “Mr. Sensitive”!  God… how I miss that!  How I miss every part and everything about Tucker.

He touched many, many lives.  When people came over, he was so excited and so thrilled to have visitors!  He loved all of his doggie friends.  He watched out for all of them… especially in his later years.  He felt the need to keep things calm… whenever there were any “issues” amongst his friends.  And they all respected that… they all respected Tucker.  It was beautiful to see this.

To Tuck:  As I write this post… the tears welling up in my eyes… I am thinking about you, sweet Tucker, and sending my love to you in heaven.  I look forward to seeing your beautiful face, when it is time to meet at the Rainbow Bridge!  I love you, I miss you and I will always cherish you and the wonderful life that you gave us while you were here on earth.  Miss you sweet Tuck… sending you kisses right now!!

Who is that good looking puppy?!!

Who's that good looking puppy?!!

And…  I hope that you are having the time of your (after) life with Rowdy, Ritzie, Vixen, Jessica, Marley and Brandy!!  Oh… and the cats too, Arthur, Lumpy, Sammy & Sylvester!  Hope you are not terrorizing the cats too much!

May God rest your sweet, beautiful soul.


Mommy, Daddy & Bodi

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  1. I was so touched by your Ode to Tucker. We had (still have in my heart) a very extra special Vizsla called Bruce who died four years ago. Your words about Tucker apply equally to our wonderful Bruce and I will always miss him. But a word of consolation – the pain is not so acute as time passes. I now have Bruce’s son and great nephew who I adore but Bruce will always be my No. 1 boy.

  2. Jan,

    Thank you for your kind words here… it means a lot.  I am sorry for your loss of Bruce… but I’m so glad that you have Bruce’s son and nephew, to carry on his legacy. 

    Yes, we miss our Tuck so very much and he too will always be my No. one boy!!  Our adopted Vizsla, Bodi, has been with us for one year now.  I had hoped that he would have at least a few years with Tucker.. but he had a good six months with him and even though they are not from the same bloodline, Bodi learned so much from Tucker and has taken on a lot of Tuck’s traits. 

    As my husband and I have said many times over, we will always have a Vizsla in our lives!

    Thank you again!


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