Has anybody else noticed this… You go out and spend hours picking just the right toy for your four legged kids, you spend a fortune to buy some toy with “Made in China” on it that lasts for half a day at most, you show everyone how cute the toy is and you revel in the idea that your “kids” are going to love it… and in reality all you had to do was roll up a piece of trash, toss an old sock, or… put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, and you had the best toy that your kids could possibly want.

We all roll our eyes, laugh at the stupidity of the animal in front of us, and go back to trying to figure out how we could have spent so much money at the holidays!!!

Now, I ask you, which breed here is the stupid one? Which one of us needs to have our heads examined and be “rehabilitated”?

Tucker loved the paper rolls, you could toss it on the floor up in the third story bathroom and he would come flying up the stairs from the first floor to attack the toilet paper monster, he would carry around his prize kill until all had a chance to see, and then he would lay down and tear it to pieces. We loved to watch him, he loved the show as well, and still 2 months after his passing we find ourselves throwing the roll on the floor and waiting for the storm to come.

This is one of the traits that Bodi didn’t pick up from Tucker, he will just watch it hit the floor and walk away, wondering what all the fuss was about a stupid toilet paper roll, and then he’ll casually pick up Nancy’s bra and walk away with it, with that gleam in his eye, swearing that there is no way he is going to let this unholy monster get to us… and all of his new toys that we were dumb enough to bring home for him…

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  1. Our Tucker also had a fascination with cardboard tubes when he was a pup, but as an adult is no longer interested in them. Unless they’re old butter boxes, in which case he will happily take them and spend 5-10 minutes shredding them.

  2. They are funny little guys aren’t they – Tucker loved tearing up cardboard tubes every day he could, and then we would follow around and pick it all up and throw it out (The things we do for love) – Bodi, doesn’t really care for them, and most other “trash” we pretty much keep away from him – although I’m sure he would love to try any and all of it if we would give him a chance.

  3. And would you believe… “most” of those gifts under the tree, were for Tucker!  Ha!  Our little guy… was a “little” spoiled!  Would not have changed a thing!

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