Tuck and Daddy!

Tuck and Daddy!

This was our “snow trip” 2008. Tucker had a blast romping around in the snow! And we had a blast just watching him. He loved to get out there and dance about… as if he had, not a care in the world!

This was was such a fun time for us! It was Tuck’s first time to the snow and he was beside himself. He loved following us around and stepping in our footprints and sinking down into the deep snow. Sometimes it took him by surprise, but then he would catch a glimpse of us and realized that all was okay, because we were there to protect him.

Tuck, making pawprints in the snow!

Tuck, making paw prints in the snow!

I remember sliding down a snowy hill (on my butt of course) and Tuck trotting down the hill, right next to me. And you could just feel the excitement coming from this sweet, sweet puppy! It was awesome!

Tucker had always exhibited a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement! To such a degree, that you would think that one might grow tired of it after a little while. But not us… we loved it! We loved that youthful exuberance, that he often displayed! He had brought us so much joy and enriched our lives, tremendously.

Tucker was so happy to be with us. No matter what! Even though he enjoyed the times that he “could be a dog”… he was just thrilled to be a part of us. Every time we went to the park, he enjoyed playing with his friends, but he was always looking for us. Every time we had a party, or had friends over with kids, he enjoyed visiting and playing with them, but still… always looking for us. We were his whole life, and Jim & I loved that!

Tuck giving Daddy snow kisses!

Tuck giving Daddy snow kisses!

As I am sitting here, looking at these pictures and reliving those incredible moments… my heart is filled with joy and love and warmth! I can feel Tucker’s presence here, very strongly. And even though it has brought tears to my eyes, to know that I can’t reach out and touch him, kiss him or hold him, I feel him in my heart and I feel his beautiful soul is with us and will be forever!


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