The Loss Of Our Very Best Friend

Tucker and Bodi's picture on his last morning

With a heavy heart and deep sorrow we have to say that we have lost our best friend for the last 12 years, Tucker.

It came much, much faster then we could ever imagine and has thrown us for a big loop.  In three days we went from playing out in the hills with Tucker, to Tucker losing his appetite, getting foggy in his actions, to finding out that he is sicker then even his Vet could imagine.

Our normal Vet couldn’t figure out exactly what was happening, but luckily our good friend and partner, who is a Vet, quickly made a decision that made sure that Tucker would be able to leave this life without any undue suffering. So, please – if any of you are going through something similar, please don’t be afraid to ask a second opinion, it could make a big difference in the outcome of your best friends life.

It was one of the easiest decisions that we have ever made, to allow Tucker to not suffer after we heard the bad news, and it has been one of the hardest things we have ever had to do, to not see him running around the house, to not have him set his front paws on the sofa and wait for us to help him up, to know that he wont be sliding up next to us in bed and waiting for us to scratch his head.

Tucker - Hard at work in the office

Luckily we can remember all of the good times that we had with Tucker, and how close he and Bodi had become since we surprised him and brought Bodi home. Bodi knew something was up, he had been more careful then ever over the last few weeks, sleeping close to Tucker, and Tucker had become even more tolerant with Bodi, allowing Bodi to lay his head across his back and coming over to sleep next to him on the sofa. Tucker and Bodi had become each others protectors, Bodi was there to check Tucker out every time that he slipped and fell, every time that he hurt himself while playing, and Tucker was there every time that Bodi got in trouble, which is quite often, (but luckily he is never too badly in trouble).

So, we can be thankful that Tucker picked us out all those years ago, joined us on this journey, never lost his love for us, always had our love for him, and was able to leave us peacefully, painlessly, and with the joy in his heart that he will see us again. Tucker can rest peacefully knowing that his dear friend Bodi can help fill that incredibly large hole in all of our hearts, and that he touched many peoples lives through his completely unconditional love for us and our life.

Thanks to all who have been there for us, to Tiara for allowing us to start this journey with this incredible dog, and to Dr. Berry for allowing us to let Tucker go with dignity and love.

Cats are welcome here too…

We have some sad news to share… our sister-in-law Glenda, lost her poor kitty cat Emma.  Emma had to be put down.  She was 16 years old and had a good life with Glenda.

emma_1We just wanted to send a little note out to Glenda, to let her know how sorry we are, that she is having to deal with the loss of her kitty.  It is a very difficult thing to do, but rest assured Glenda,  your little Emma is up in “Kitty” heaven now!

We love you and we are here for you… and Tucker and Bodi are saying a little prayer for Emma right now!!

Tribute to a Best Friend…

imagesSunlight streams through window pane unto a spot on the floor…

then I remember, it’s where you used to lie, but now you are no more.

Our feet walk down a hall of carpet, and muteed echoes sound….

then I remember, it’s where your paws would joyously abound.

A voice is heard along the road, and up beyond the hill,

then I remember it can’t be yours….

your golden voice is still.

But I’ll take that vacant spot of floor and empty muted hall…

and lay them with the absent voice and unused dish along the wall.

I’ll wrap these treasured memorials in a blanket of my love…

and keep them for my best friend…

until we meet above.

Author Unknown

Doing Dishes… Is for the Dogs!

This is the cutest pic! Tuck’s good friends Sterling and Gracie, both decided to help their parents do the dishes! Ha! At least Sterling decided to use the dish brush… instead of licking every dish clean!

dsc_0007And just look at Gracie Girl’s expression! She is the cutest!

What do you think Gracie is saying here?! “Use the brush, Sterling… use the brush!” “Don’t lick all of the dishes… mommy & daddy might get mad”!! “Daddy… I told him to use the brush…!”

“I used the brush mom & dad… honest!… I didn’t lick one dish!”

Oh Sterling… do you think that mom & dad believe that?

You guys are the best!!

Remembering Jessica…

We have some very sad news… one of Tucker’s long time friends (girlfriend too), Jessica, passed away on Thursday. She lost the battle with bone cancer… but she had put up a pretty good fight. She was tough… and according to her parents… she never complained!

img_2847This was very hard for us all! Jessica was the sweetest Rottweiler we had ever met! She and Tucker had been friends for 8 years. They shared many walks together out on the trails.

We took Tucker over to see Jessica a couple of weeks ago… and we are so glad that they got to see each other one last time.

My heart goes out to Jessica’s parents, (and our very dear friends), Matt & Patti. They had had a very special relationship with Jessica… as Jim & I have had with Tucker over the years. Jessica was their child.. as Tucker (and now Bodi too) is ours.

I feel their pain… as it hits so close to home. I can honestly say… I cried so much Friday night, after receiving the news from Patti & Matt. And thought about Jess this whole weekend.. and felt an emptiness in my heart.

We loved Jessica and she will always be in our hearts! She touched us all in her own, very special way. She was beautiful, sweet, kind, loving as well as strong and protective of her family and friends. We shall miss you Jess!!

Patti & Matt… we love you guys and we are here for you!


Jim, Nancy, Tucker & Bodi

Friends of Tucker and Bodi

Tucker and Bodi have some really cool, doggie friends! We like to take them to the park to play with their buddies. Tucker… is the social one! He LOVES to see everybody… dogs and people. He loves his friends… and it brings us so much joy to see how happy he is when he gets to see his buddies.

Bodi on the other hand… likes to see the other dogs.. but he is more interested in hunting. Although, if he gets the opportunity, he does enjoy running and playing with the other dogs (which is really good for him to burn off that energy). Sometimes he plays a little rough (we’re working on this). He barks when he’s running with the other dogs and it just sounds obnoxious (and he does this even when he is playing by himself in the backyard).. he’s a duffus!  One time we were at the park, and Bodi was running and barking (by himself), and their friend Boomer (who is a beautiful, Golden Retriever) ran alongside him and let out a few big barks… as if he were telling Bodi to, “Shut Up Already”! And he did shut up! It was really funny… and kind of cool!

Love ya Bodi! You are a good boy… really! Just a duffus at times…

sterlingngracieHere is a pic of Sterling (on the right) and Gracie (on the left). Two beautiful, sweet Weimaraners, who are very lucky to have such great parents! As you can see from the pic, they are very spoiled! And also very loved.

Tuck loves these guys! Especially Gracie (sorry Sterling)! Gracie girl loves to give kisses to Tuck. And even though he “acts” like he doesn’t want her to do it… we know the truth.. He loves it!

So.. for the most part, all of the dogs at the park do get along, and it’s been really good for Tuck & Bodi to socialize with these guys. Bodi, especially! We are thankful for all of our doggie friends! Hope to hear from them all on this post!

We have a lot of Tucker’s and Bodi’s friends to talk about.. next post!   And we would like to welcome them all to join,   TheGoodDogBlog!

Have a great day guys! Take care!