1 Year Without “T”

Well, today is the 1 year anniversary of losing the “T” Man.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought this little bundle of energy home.

At the time we had 4 cats, and if you want to know what disrupting a household is like – just throw a Vizsla into this mix – Luckily Tuck always loved the cats, only one of them actually came to love Tuck though, but I can’t blame them for that – they’re just stupid cats after all.

Tucker was always willing to learn, and fit right into our life perfectly – we took him everywhere that we could, and he learned to be a big part of things without getting in the way.  To this day we still have people that tell us that he was their favorite dog ever – and some of them have dogs in their lives at the time. Tuck always loved all of our friends and in return they loved him too.

Tucker was the most sensitive soul I ever knew, if Nancy and I raised our voices he would get upset, start to shake and eventually would leave the room to hide out, of course this made it difficult to watch sports, since we would be yelling at the game and suddenly notice that Tucker wasn’t in the room with us, and we would have to go find where he was hiding away from our yelling.

The easy thing was that we always knew if there was a problem, because Tuck would never be out of the room that we were in – so, no Tuck, and you knew something was up.

This sensitivity really came into play whenever one of us was hurting, Tucker would become the biggest cuddle monster and would go out of his way to be there for us.  When Nancy went through breast cancer Tucker spent many a day wrapped around her making sure she was OK.  He would walk up and put his nose on your nose and just look into your face, an incredible boy to say the least.

We’ve had our own business for quite a while now, which makes it easy to bring our boys with us, Tucker was always the star of the show… We had clients that we would call to confirm a meeting and they would ask if we were bringing Tucker with us, and would make sure to let us know that if Tucker wasn’t coming, there really wasn’t any reason to meet at that time, and we could wait until Tucker could be present.  The best part is that they would have a chair at the meeting table for Tucker so that he could crawl up in the chair and crash out while we conducted our meeting.

The memories stream back quickly, too quickly at times as they bring tears with them.  The time he was brain-cramping and hit his leg on a hidden rock – we thought he had broken it – he just stood there holding it up and crying for us… The time he was doing his brush surfing (hopping through the deep brush so he could see above it) and we watched him jump up and then disappear as he went over the edge of a ravine and landed in the creek about 15 feet below, we had to hang over the edge and pull his wet butt back up to the trail… Coming home one time after leaving him inside for about 12 hours (we got stuck somewhere) and finding a little bit of pee tinkled throughout the house as Tucker ran from the back door, to the kitchen door, to the front door, up the stairs – everywhere, trying to find any way out, finally ending up in the upstairs bathroom where he finally releaved himself on the tile (We felt so bad for that one, he tried so hard to find a way out!!!)…

I think of all of the nicknames we had for our guy, I could go on about the Tucker forever, but we have to save those for another time.

Tonight I will raise a toast (and please, everyone reading this, do the same) to the dog that really thought he was human, to the dog that taught us about true commitment and love, to the one and only “T”…

These Pics (except the one with Nancy) were all taken the last morning that we had Tucker, they are tough to see at times, everything comes flying back – but they are the last ones we got and will always show that even on his last day he was the most gentle soul possible.

The “Lazy” Dog Days of Summer

Just had to share these pics… Bodi and Oli… lovin’ the sunbeam!  These guys really do love each other.  It’s so cute how one will lay on top of other.  Usually Oliver will lay down on top of Bodi.  And Bodi is such a good sport… he is fine with it.  Now… if Bodi lays on top of Oli… Oli gets a little bent out of shape about it, at first.  Then he is fine with it.  He loves his big brother and he is happy to be in his forever home!

Bodi and Oliver... loving the sunbeam... and each other!
Bodi, resting his head on Oliver!

Tuck and Rowdy… memories

Tucker and Rowdy... Beautiful

Tucker and Rowdy… brothers, born in 1997… have both moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Rowdy crossed the RB in March 2008 and Tucker in August 2009.  Tuck and Rowdy were both from the same litter… Russet Leather Rawhide.

They loved to play together and often displayed that youthful exuberance, exhibiting the famous Vizsla “brain cramps”!  We always thought that they were crazy dogs!  Ha!  That

Playful pups!

they were…

We miss them both very much and wanted to send them love, kisses and many, many blessings!

Enjoy the pics!

Beautiful Boys

Sleeping with the enemy…

This is an all to common occurrence, the morning ritual, after the potty break – The boys decide that…

IT’S ON – How could either one of us actually let dad sleep when we both want the prime real estate next to his head…

How could that ever happen!!!

Dad, trying to exert his leadership throws his hand up…

Spinning through the hand, each dog tries to catapult the other off the bed…
Fighting through, Bodi throws Oliver on his back, Dad tries to ignore the fast moving red blurs…
The fighting (playfully) gets fierce and the sounds of nipping teeth and playful growls gets intense…
Bodi, sensing an opening lunges in and nips Oliver on the ear, the fighting is intense…
Realizing that the space is lost, and the bed is soft, Bodi starts to slip into sleep again, as Oliver turns his attention to the man under the covers…And through this all, who is filming???

Instead of breaking the fight up and letting the lump sleep???

In Loving Memory… Streak and Jill… God Rest Your Sweet Souls…

To all of our doggie friends out there, we just wanted to let you know that our dear friends have lost their puppies this past week.  Our friends Patti & Matt have lost their 12 year old Rottweiler, Jill.  Patti & Matt had adopted Jill… just 9 short months ago.  Jill needed a good, warm, loving home and

Puppy Rottie

Patti & Matt had taken her in, to comfort her.. after losing their 11 year old Rottie, Jessica.  So they have suffered two losses in the past year, plus the loss of Tucker, as they knew Tucker very well.  Tucker and Jessica had been good friends for many years!  My love goes out to Patti and Matt.. “I love you both… and take comfort in knowing that Jill is with Jessica and Tucker right now and they are free and healthy!

To Streak’s parents, Andrea & Rob… we all feel the pain of your loss and we do know what

Beautiful Streak

you are going through right now.  Please accept this post as our tribute to Streak (as well as Jill) and to you guys and Magnum as well.  The love of our dogs is endless… endless.  That love will go on forever, trust me.  I still feel Tucker’s presence here, very strongly.  Tuck has been gone for 10 months now and  I know that he is still with us, in our hearts and will be forever.  I know that you cannot reach out and touch Streak, but know that in your hearts, he is with you and will be forever.  Streak is no longer in pain and no longer suffering… and HE knows that you did all that you could do for the little guy.  Let his love carry you through… and let the love of Magnum embrace your soul and keep you safe.

Tucker's Urn... "If Tears Could Build a Stairway, and Memories a Lane, I Would Walk Right Up to Heaven, and Bring You Back Again".

The love of our dogs will go on forever… Please, as you read this post, I know that it will bring tears to your eyes, but also, let the love and comfort of your friends warm your hearts and get you through…

This is the saying that is etched on Tucker’s urn… “If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven, and bring you back again”.   I know that this is how you feel about Streak (and to Patti and Matt, how you feel about Jill and Jessica).

God bless you all… and know that we are here for you!

With love,

Jim, Nancy, Bodi & Oliver Morrison

… And In This Corner…

Welcome to the famous, doggie wrestling ring (OUR bed).   “Here we have the “Bodacious” Bodi, weighing in at a whopping 62lbs!  And in this corner (my pillow), we have “Little” Oliver, the defending light weight champion, weighing in at 45lbs.  With Bodi having almost 20lbs on little Oli, can Oliver win this match and keep the championship title?… and there they go!  Bodi, pouncing on Oli full force… but Oli is fast and extremely agile… as he slides out from under Bodi, he leaps over the top and has Bodi in his famous “Oli hold” (front leg on the chest).   As Bodi lies there underneath Oli, pinned down, Bodi pulls his famous move on Oil… “The Bodaaaay Mouth Grip”.  There he goes folks, he’s got his whole mouth around Oli’s neck!  Oli is retaliating… snarling and showing all teeth, the Boadster backs off… they jump out of the ring, wrestling, snarling, growling.  It’s getting intense folks!  And there they go… they jump back in the ring, full force!  Jumping all over the ring… now they’re up on their two hind legs!  Now they are punching and grabbing each other, throwing each other to the ground!  who will when this match?  Stay tuned for further coverage of this intense wrestling match!

Whew… the refs (mom and dad) need a little break!!

It Certainly Is… A Dog’s Life!

Oliver and Bodi, caught by the sunbeam

Ah yes… this is such a sweet scene!  After a nice morning walk on the trails with mom and dad… a morning of playing hard… chasing each other throughout the house, running up and down the stairs, (at least a thousand times),  playing tug-a-war with every toy they can possibly get their paws on, and of course, tearing it to pieces.

Sweet, sunbeam dreams, our little angels!
Sweet... sunbeam dreams... our little angels!

A nice breakfast, followed by a couple of treats… they run back upstairs to catch the sunbeam and now it’s time to rest (so they can have the energy to do it all over again)!

“Dog naps” are definitely underrated!

Yes… this is a “Dog’s Life” indeed!!!

To our beloved Tucker, who would have been 13 today…

Our Sweet Little Tucker

Today marks the date of Tucker’s 13th birthday.  We lost the little guy, all too soon.  His passing has had such an incredible impact on us… and has  left an emptiness in our hearts and in our lives that is just unbelievable.

I just wanted to put a little something up today, in remembrance, of our  little Tuckie’s birthday… we miss you sweet baby Tuck!!

Welcome Oliver to the Family

Thursday, 4.29.10, we welcomed a new “V” to the family.

Oliver is a 1.5 year old that we adopted from SoCal Vizsla Rescue, He is a beautiful, extremely thin, very active, sweet young Vizsla that we will gladly welcome into his “Forever Home”.

Last night was his first night with us… What a sweet boy, he played long and hard with all of the toys that he could find, and then when we sat down to dinner, he curled up on the sofa and went to sleep.

At bed time, it took just a few to get him to calm down, but then he curled up next to Bodi, put his head on Bodi’s butt and went to sleep.

He definitely has some separation anxiety, but then it has only been 1 day and he is just getting used to the new digs. He tends to whine when left by himself, whether in the bedroom, or when left alone in the house, but seems to be much better when Bodi is nearby.

Couldn’t be happier, Nancy, Bodi, Oliver and I look forward to many more posts on this new subject, and new member of our family.

Our puppies seem to love the stuffed animals…

Just wanted to share a quick post… thought these pics were cute.  As you can see, Bodi has taken quite a liking to Tucker’s teddy bear.  He cherishes this bear… carries it around the house with him and sleeps with it.  I’m sure that it still has Tuck’s scent on it… and this is Bodi’s way of “connecting” with his big brother Tucker, who he misses very much…  This is so sweet and cute!

Tucker loved this teddy bear!
Bodi and "Tuckerbear"
Bodi and the "Tuckerbear"